EdEddnEddyRocks is like the Ed, Edd, N Eddy version of a little annoying 12 year old brony. He makes horrible ytpmvs with smooth spammed and uploads old and extremely shitty projects to his main even though he knows there bad. He used to be friends with people such as omniputance, MrRandomTux, TriforceOfDiarrhea, pelz16, and drperson12, but then they all realized his videos suck and that he's as annoying as shit. People used to go easy on him but then he never improved which led to all his hate. For about 2 years he has been a fanfag of people such as Veksler96 and Tachin1994 for no reason even to this day. He also somehow still likes sparta remixes and plans to make more... how sad. One of his #1 haters, IdrankyourMilkshakes (Aaron) finally convinced him to using melodyne to actually make his samples better, Aaron succeeded in this. However, he still fails to finepitch his videos properly. Similar to ChocolateAlicorn, he made a terrible source video that he sent to people he thought he could trust due to the fact that everyone tries to help him, although his source is also as leaked as fuck, though at least he failed a little bit less then Rebecca at keeping his (It's a her you faggot) source private.

Sus2.wmv 000001233

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