"A retarded control freak that is very immature for an almost 18 year old, he also can not handle any criticism at any given time and just calls his dickriders in the community, which, for whatever reason, aren't only a few people, who will always be on his side no matter what stupid bullshit he pulls off.

That being said, he did pull off a lot of stupid bullshit and rarely got shit for it. Then again a little nerd bitch protected by the internet can't be that easily touched, and calling him out on his stupid bullshit has rarely proven effective. He also has a superiority complex and gets really pissy when someone doesn't only say wonderful and nice flattering stuff that he wants to hear. 

In fact, only saying one little thing that goes against him warrants him and his dickriders going against you. What a lovely little community of rejects.

Peace out, from someone who isn't living in a dream world "

Gansterkid is debated to be a anime girl after his dress stream.

Ok, are these the cool kids?


Marlon DerpyEnzyme The Truth Exposed: Slavery and Humiliation in the YTPMV Community


^ and does no one notice this?