Welcome to the LifeWaste1618 Biography channel.

It has come to my attention that this humgle wiki is hosting information regarding video editors around the world, and I would like to put in both opinion and statements, in order for people to realize the truth.

Here's a list of random details regarding me as a YTPMVR:

-Influences: None. The price for being a huge loner is advancing slowly.

-Favorite YTPMVRs: None. It's not that I don't want to favors over others - it's just that people are either really bad or good enough for me to covet them, therefore not liking them one bit. Regardless of that I love specific videos with no relation to the creator.

-Ideology: Delete religion.

-Plans for life: Pour brain into a computer. Create a non physical storage in which I'll store my brain. Legalize cryocore procedures. Undergo cryocore procedure, either "leaping" many years to the future, or dying without feeling any pain, knowing there would be a backup and at least one person throughout existance who would save me.

-Programs used: Playstation 3, BitTorrent.

-Favorite Music: Benjamin Netanjahu.

-Dream Waifu: Shimon Peres.

-Dream Pillow: Benjamin Ben Eliezer.

-Shkarim: Nemogot

By the way, if you wish to know which kinds of things I hate, just continue your pitiful life under the assumption I hate everything until I know most everything about it. I'm sure you don't.

Please do not add any information regarding my taste in good shows. It's sacred and must be kept isolated from outer contact.

I love playing Visual Novels like a fedual weeaboo rozen lord.